Alex Weiss joins team from Michigan State University to Study Law Enforcement Staffing for the National Park Service
With nearly 300 million visitors a year and America’s Best Idea to protect, the National Park Service depends on the 2,000 plus law enforcement Rangers, Special Agents, and emergency services personnel who make the parks safer and safeguard Irreplaceable natural resources.

The project will begin with site visits to the following NPS sites:

  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial
  • Jewel Cave National Monument
  • Wind Cave National Park
  • Badlands National Park
  • Coronado National Monument
  • Chiricahua National Monument
  • Fort Bowie National Historic Site
  • Lake Mead National Recreational Area
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Valley Forge National Historic Park
  • Gettysburg National Military Park

After these visits the MSU team will conduct a study of the US Park Police. The Force functions as a unit of the National Park Service with jurisdiction in all Federal parks. U.S. Park Police officers are located in the Washington, DC, New York City, and San Francisco metropolitan areas, and investigate and detain persons suspected of committing offenses against the United States. Officers also carry out services for many notable events conducted in the national parks.


Alexander Weiss Consulting Chosen to Conduct Resource Allocation Study for the Cedar Rapids Iowa Police Department. Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa with a population of 126,326 people . The population of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), representing three counties, is 256,324 people. That’s more than 8 percent growth since 2000.


Alexander Weiss Chosen to Conduct Resource Allocation Study for the Chicago Police Department Bureau of Patrol.  
A study that could lead to the police reallocation South and West Side aldermen have been demanding for years will be conducted by Alexander Weiss, a staffing expert, and Paul Evans, a former superintendent for the Boston Police Department.
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Alexander Weiss Consulting, LLC chosen to conduct staffing study for the Adams County Colorado Sheriff's Office. Adams County, in the Denver metro area is the fifth most populous county in Colorado.

Illinois Department of Transportation releases
2015 Illinois Traffic Stop Study. Alexander Weiss Consulting prepared the annual report in collaboration with IDOT. Download >>

COPS Office (US Department of Justice) releases report on Public Safety ConsolidationAlex Weiss worked with researchers at Michigan State University to prepare the first comprehensive study of agencies that combine police. fire and EMS service delivery.


JUNE 2016

Louisville Metro Police Adopts 12 Hour Work Schedule: In 2015 Alexander Weiss Consulting conducted a staffing study for the Louisville Metro Police. The study recommended that the agency adopt a new work schedule, and the LMPD recently adopted a 12 Hour work schedule. Read more: LMPD patrol officers moving to 12-hour shifts >>

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Release Summary Report on Canadian Police Staffing Symposium: In November 2015 Alex Weiss collaborated with the Ontario Provincial Police to host a Canadian Police Staffing Symposium. OPP has recently released the summary report: (Canadian Symposium Report). They have also announced another symposium for 2016



Alex Weiss provides opinion  
about police staffing in Dallas.
The Dallas Morning News >>

Alexander Weiss Consulting chosen to conduct staffing analysis for the Joliet, Illinois Police Department



Albuquerque Police Department Unveils New Staffing Plan. 
Plan to move more APD officers into the field draws mixed reaction… City Councilors are on board, but police union is wary  
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To download a copy of the full report click here >>

Alex Weiss comments on challenges of law enforcement consolidation
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Alexander Weiss Chosen to Facilitate Canadian Symposium on Police Staffing: The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is organizing a conference on police staffing and they have asked Dr. Weiss to assist in organizing and facilitating the conference in Ottawa.
To learn more about the symposium >>  

Alex Weiss will assist Hillard Heintze in a study for  the City of Boulder, Colorado: The study will examine whether Boulder police are applying laws and local ordinances equally regardless of a person’s race or ethnicity. It will also  make recommendations about how the city could build upon its current processes for addressing complaints from community members about Boulder officers and their conduct. Read More >>


MAY 2015

Rochelle police department staffing and organizational analysis: Alexander Weiss presents findings on Rochelle Police Department Study... 
News Clip >>
To read the report click here >>

Louisville Metro Police Release Report on Staffing: Alexander Weiss Consulting was engaged by Louisville to conduct a staffing study for the Louisville Metro Police Department. 
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Alexander Weiss Consulting chosen to conduct a staffing analysis for the Rochelle, Illinois Police Department. Rochelle is a city in Ogle County, Illinois. The population was 9,574 at the 2010 census. Rochelle is about 75 miles west of Chicago and 25 miles south of Rockford

Alexander Weiss Consulting chosen to conduct a staffing analysis for the Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Department. The APD is comprised ofa workforce consisting of over 1,500 employees including an authorized sworn strength of 1,100 officers. The APD serves over 500,000 people.

Alexander Weiss cited in recent opinion piece in Crain’s Chicago Business:

Alex Weiss cited in Portland media study of "Broken Windows"policing.


Alexander Weiss Consulting chosen to conduct staffing analysis for the Louisville Kentucky Metro Police Department.

Alexander Weiss Consulting chosen to assist the Grand Rapids Michigan Police Department in developing a strategic plan.

Alex Weiss invited to speak at the March 2015 Lifesavers Conference on Highway Safety Priorities.

His address will be entitled, “Enhancing Response to Traffic Incidents Through Public Safety Consolidation”. For more information go to

Alex Weiss will speak about police staffing at the June 2015 conference of the Illinois City / County Management Association (ILCMA) in Galena Illinois.

For more information go to

MAY 2014

New Orleans Inspector General Releases Study of NOPD Staffing

In 2013, Alexander Weiss Consulting was engaged by the New Orleans Inspector General to assist them in their analysis of staffing in the New Orleans Police Department.

Download the report >>

New Orleans Inspector General Talks About NOPD Staffing Study


MARCH 2014

Alex Weiss and Colleagues at Michigan State University Release Two New Policing Reports:

Police Staffing Allocation and Managing Workload Demand: A Critical Assessment of Existing Practices.

Download the report >>

Contracting for Law-Enforcement Services: Perspectives from Past Research and Current Practice

Download the report >>


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Releases New Publication about the History of DDACTS

In 2011 Alex Weiss was asked by NHTSA to prepare an historical review of the Data-Driven Approach to Traffic Safety (DDACTS) program. DDACTS: A Historical Overview examines the history and development of enforcement theories upon which the DDACTS operational model is grounded. The document explores the relationship between traffic enforcement and crime, a growing trend to direct law enforcement strategy towards places rather than individuals, describes how law enforcement organizations have learned to use data as a basis for strategy, efforts to integrate traffic enforcement with the broader law enforcement mission, and offers views about the success of DDACTS. You can download a copy of the report here. 

Download the report >> 

Alex Weiss Invited to Address the Illinois Association of Municipal Management Assistants

(IAMMA) is an organization for professionals working in municipal management throughout the State of Illinois. Dr. Weiss will talk about staffing for police and fire departments. 

JUNE 2013

Alexander Weiss Consulting will assist Northern Illinois University in its search for a new Police Chief.

Alex Weiss will partner with Voorhees and Associates, LLC to conduct a national search for a new Chief of Police for Northern Illinois University. For more information, or to apply for the position Read more >> 

Alexander Weiss Consulting chosen by the Inspector General of New Orleans to Conduct a Police Staffing and Deployment Study for the New Orleans Police Department

The Office of Inspector General of the City of New Orleans is conducting a comprehensive examination of staffing for the New Orleans Police Department. They have engaged our firm to assist them in this study. To learn more about the Inspector General. Read more >>

MAY 2013

New Article on Staffing for Small Police Departments Appears in Police Chief Magazine.

“Staffing the ‘Small’ Department: Taking Stock of Existing Benchmarks and Promising Approaches” by Alex Weiss and Jeremy Wilson appeared in the April 2013 issue ofPolice Chief MagazineRead more >> 

Alexander Weiss Consulting chosen by Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority to Direct 2013 Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Workshop

For the second year Dr. Weiss has been asked to organize this important workshop for Illinois law enforcement executives. Read more >>

Alex Weiss provides comments about proposed police layoff in Cincinnati. Read More >>

MARCH 2013

Alexander Weiss Consulting Chosen to Conduct Staffing and Organizational Study for Buffalo Grove, Illinois Police Department

The firm will conduct a comprehensive analysis for the Buffalo Grove Police Department to coincide with the selection of a new chief of police. Read more >> 

Alex Weiss Participates in Hillard Heintze Assessment of the Schaumburg, Illinois Police Department.

Alex Weiss, a member of the Senior Leadership Council at Hillard Heintze, will join other members of the council to conduct an assessment of the Schaumburg Police Department. Read more >>

Alex Weiss to Speak at the 2013 Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities in Denver.

Alex will offer join others on a panel that examines the effect of traffic enforcement on crime. Learn more about the conference >>


COPS Office Releases A Performance-Based Approach to Police Staffing and Allocation

A Performance-Based Approach to Staffing and Allocation summarizes the research conducted by Alexander Weiss and Jeremy Wilson. It highlights the current staffing allocation landscape for law enforcement agencies and provides a practical step-by-step approach for any agency to assess its own patrol staffing needs based upon its workload and performance objectives. Additionally, it identifies some ways beyond the use of sworn staff that workload demand can be managed, and discusses how an agency's approach to community policing implementation can affect staffing allocation and deployment. This guidebook will be particularly useful for police practitioners and planners conducting an assessment of their agency's staffing need, and for researchers interested in police staffing experiences and assessment methods. A companion document, entitled Essentials for Leaders, which offers an overview of the issues discussed here, may be of particular interest to police executives and policymakers. Read more >>

Thirty Illinois Law Enforcement Executives Complete Workshop Presented by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority in Collaboration with Alexander Weiss Consulting

Thirty senior law enforcement officials from twenty-three agencies recently completed the Police Executive Leadership Workshop in Springfield. The course examined a number of subjects including leadership, innovation, resource utilization and crime control. The instructors included both researchers and police executives. Participants gave the course high marks, the vast majority indicating that they would recommend the course to for their department.


Hillard-Heintze Senior Leadership Council Conducts Analysis for King County (WA) Sheriff’s Office

Dr. Weiss served as a member of the team that prepared an extensive analysis of internal affairs operations and analysis for the King County Sheriff. Read more >> 

Community Policing Services (COPS) highlights COPS-supported research on public safety consolidation co-authored by Alex Weiss

Be On The Lookout (BOLO) publication from the Office of Community Policing Services (COPS) highlights COPS-supported research on public safety consolidation co-authored by Alex Weiss. Read more >>

MAY 2012

Alexander Weiss Consulting Chosen to Develop Training Program for Illinois Police Executives.

Alexander Weiss Consulting has been chosen by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJA) to develop a training program for senior law enforcement executives in Illinois. The course will be held in Springfield from September 16 to 20. Learn more information and apply >>

COPS Office Releases New Publication on Sharing Law Enforcement Resources.

To facilitate the sharing of research and experience-based lessons on regionalization, consolidation, and shared police services, the Michigan State University (MSU) School of Criminal Justice, through its Police Executive Development Series, hosted more than 75 national and Michigan police leaders at a 3 day event. Dr Weiss was one of the speakers at this event. Download the report >> 


Alexander Weiss Consulting Conducts Assessment of Fire Department Staffing in Moline Illinois.

The City of Moline proposed to use a private provider for emergency medical services, and to reduce staffing for the Moline Fire Department. Alexander Weiss Consulting was engaged to determine whether the reduced staffing was adequate to permit an effective response to a moderate risk fire. Read more >> 

Alex Weiss to Deliver Keynote Address at Meeting of Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association

Alex Weiss will deliver the keynote address at the executive training institute of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association On April 24th, 2012 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The presentation is entitled,” Leading Through Resources Sharing, Consolidation, and Other Collaborations.” Read more >>


Alexander Weiss Consulting to Collaborate on Study of Police-Fire Consolidation

Alexander Weiss Consulting is teaming with researchers at Michigan State University to study “public safety” departments in which officers function as both police officers and firefighters. The project will be funded by a grant of $344,000 from the US Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. Read more >>

Alex Weiss to appear at Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority Conference on Sharing Law Enforcement Resources

The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority will host a symposium for Illinois police executives and their city managers or elected officials entitled, “The New Paradigm in Policing: Contracting, Shared Services, and Consolidation.”  This event will be held Tuesday, November 29, 2011, at the Four Points by Sheraton-O’Hare in Schiller Park. This event is free, but space is limit. Read more >>


Alex Weiss to Appear at Conference on Sharing Police Services

Dr. Alex Weiss has been invited to appear at a conference sponsored by Michigan State University entitled: Regionalization, Consolidation and Shared Services: A Closer Look. The conference is part of the Police Executive Development Series at Michigan State, and will be held September 27 - 29, 2011 in East Lansing, Michigan. For more information about the conference visit the MSU School of Criminal Justice Web Site. Read more >> 


JUNE 2011

Alexander Weiss Consulting Chosen to Study History of DDACTS Program

Alexander Weiss Consulting has been engaged by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Internal Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) to prepare an historical overview of the Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS) Program. Dr. Weiss has been involved in studying the relationship between traffic enforcement and crime for nearly thirty years.

DDACTS integrates location-based crime and traffic data to establish effective and efficient methods for deploying law enforcement and other resources. Using geomapping to identify areas that have high levels of crime and crashes, DDACTS uses traffic enforcement strategies that play a dual role in fighting crime and reducing crashes and traffic violations. Drawing on the deterrent of highly visible traffic enforcement and the knowledge that crimes often involve the use of motor vehicles, the goal of DDACTS is to reduce the incidence of crime, crashes, and traffic violations across the country. In addition to NHTSA, the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Institute of Justice also support DDACTS. Read more >> 

MARCH 2011

Alex Weiss offers comments on traffic stop data collection in Illinois and Missouri. Read More >>

Rockford Police Moves to Decentralize Police Operations:

Alexander Weiss Consulting recommended that the Rockford, Illinois Police Department adopt a decentralized neighborhood-based deployment strategy. The department and community leaders have embraced this concept and are making significant progress towards implementation.  Read More >> .................................................................................................

Alexander Weiss Consulting Provides Police Staffing Analysis for Traverse City Michigan:

On March 28, 2010 Alex Weiss appeared before the Traverse City Commission to describe the results of our study of the Traverse City Police Department. Read More >> 
Holland Michigan Department of Public Safety Unveils New Patrol Vehicles:

In 2010 Alexander Weiss Consulting worked with Holland Michigan on a project to assess the feasibility of a public safety department. The city has created a new department of public safety and recently unveiled its new patrol vehicles. Read More >>


Alexander Weiss Consulting Chosen to Conduct Study of the Traverse City Police Department :

Our firm was recently selected to do a police workload analysis in Traverse City Michigan. This is the third Michigan community (including Holland and Lansing) to request our services. Read More >> 

Alex Weiss joins Senior Leadership Council at Hillard Heintze:

The Hillard Heintze Senior Leadership Council is dedicated to bringing national and international best practices to the pursuit of excellence in policing and public safety. The Council consists of select individuals with outstanding career-long records of leadership and achievement. 
The Council supports the ability of mayors, police chiefs, sheriffs, city managers, council members and regulators in government agencies, as well as their executive decision-making teams across the U.S., North America and the world to identify, evaluate, prioritize and implement opportunities to enhance and improve strategies, operations and outcomes in policing and public safety. For more information about the council and Hillard Heintze. Click here >> 


University of Notre Dame creates new Office of Campus Safety:

Based, in part, on the work done by Alexander Weiss Consulting, The University of Notre Dame reorganized its campus public safety and risk management activities. Read More >> 

Alexander Weiss joins COPS research project to examine police staffing:

Alex Weiss has joined with Professor Jeremy Wilson of Michigan State University in an important project to enhance analytical tools for police staffing. The project is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services, and its goal is to provide a guide to help police practitioners determine the appropriate number of officers required to staff patrol and special units.

JUNE 2010

Alex Weiss Assists University of Chicago Police Department in Internal Investigation.

In February 2010 an incident occurred on the campus of the University of Chicago, in which a student was arrested by a university police officer at the Regenstein Library. Given the controversial nature of the incident, the university asked Alex Weiss to review the incident and the police investigation., and to provide an opinion and recommendations. Click here to download a PDF detailing arrests and related issues from University of Chicago >>

Holland Considers Consolidating Police, Fire Command:

In 2009 Alex Weiss began a comprehensive study of public safety services in Holland, Michigan. On June 23, 2010 Dr. Weiss and City Manager Soren Wolff provided a briefing on the results of the study to the Holland City Council. The proposal calls for the integration of the police and fire departments at the management level, a new twelve-hour work schedule for the Holland Police, and the formation of a working group to study the provision of Emergency Medical Services in Holland. Read More >> 

Alexander Weiss Consulting Completes Study of Risk Management and Safety for the University of Notre Dame:

Our firm recently completed a study of risk management and safety for the University of Notre Dame. The study examined several components of the university's public safety program including: 
• The Notre Dame Security Police
• The Notre Dame Fire Department
• Notre Dame Risk Management and Safety