Dr. Weiss has conducted a number of management studies for small, medium
and large departments including:

        • Feasibility of Consolidation of the Burr Ridge and Willowbrook, Illinois Police Departments.

        • Police Staffing Analysis for the Village of Pingree Grove, Illinois.

        • Management Study for the DuPage County Emergency Telephone System Board.

        • Staffing and Best Practices Assessment for the Delaware, Ohio Police Department .

        • Comprehensive Consulting Services for the Rockford Illinois Police.

        • Public Safety Services (Police–Fire Consolidation) Study for Holland Michigan. Download PDF >>

        • Patrol Staffing Analysis for the Chicago Police Department Bureau of Patrol.

        • Review of Internal Affairs Policy and Procedure for the Northwestern University Police Department.

        • Organization and Staffing Analysis for the Lansing Michigan Police Department. Download PDF >>

        • Risk Management and Safety Study, University of Notre Dame.

        • Police Workload Analysis for Traverse City Michigan. Download PDF >>

        • A Key Platform for Transformation: Advancing the Lemont Police Department's Effectiveness
          and Efficiency Through Community-Focused Policing. Download PDF >>

        • Illinois Traffic Stop Study 2011 Annual Report. Download PDF >>

        • A Performance-based Approach to Police Staffing and Allocaio. Download PDF >>

        • Essentials for Leaders: An Ongoing Executive Series Providing Overviews of Critical Community         
           Policy Issues. Download PDF >>

        • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Releases New Publication about the
           History of DDACTS Download PDF >>