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Alexander Weiss Consulting chosen to conduct staffing analysis for the Prince George’s County Maryland Police Department.

The Prince George's County Police Department is the fourth largest law enforcement agency in the State of Maryland. More than 1,500 police officers [...]

Defund the police: how a protest slogan triggered a policy debate

“People will look back at this year and say this was a real turning point,” said Alexander Weiss, a consultant who has advised [...]

Alexander Weiss Consulting presents results of organizational analysis for the Shorewood Wisconsin Police Department

On November 19 Alex Weiss provided a briefing for the board of trustees and the community in Shorewood. You can read the final [...]

Alex Weiss interviewed by National Public Radio about Chicago Police Violence Reduction Initiative.

Officers did seize some guns and make some arrests, but were mostly busy writing tickets. CPD says its latest anti-violence program will be [...]

Alex Weiss appointed to teach at Ohio State University

Alex Weiss chosen to teach for the Management Advancement for the Public Service at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at Ohio […]

Alexander Weiss Consulting leads in Organizational Study for the Shorewood Wisconsin Police Department

Alexander Weiss Consulting chosen to conduct an organizational study for the Shorewood Wisconsin Police Department, a suburb of Milwaukee.

Alexander Weiss Consulting chosen to conduct a staffing study for the Albuquerque Police Department.

Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico and the department has a sworn staff of about 1000 officers.

Commentary: How to ‘defund’ the police — real strategies to reduce costs safely

By ALEXANDER WEISS, CHICAGO TRIBUNE The idea of “defunding” the police has sparked a great deal of discussion in recent weeks. Proponents of this approach [...]